Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Cleanse #2 Preparation

Hey, ya'll!  Here I am one year later.  I have purchased another SP Cleanse to complete.  In the year since my first cleanse I have definitely had a better year. 
My first cleanse areas of concern were:
#1 energy
#2 abdominal bloating
#3 weight. 

#1 My energy has been much better.  I was literally concerned that something was majorly wrong with me but have discovered it is the way I feed and treat my body.

#2 I haven't had hardly any bloating this past year but when I did, I can completely trace it back to my eating habits.  I still ate several smoothies throughout the year and had purchased an additional protein powder from my doctor. 

#3 Weight....My Achilles heal.  I need to loose weight.  I am turning 36 this year.  I can feel my body responds differently.  We have a health club membership and up until midsummer, we went very faithfully and then life got in the way  we allowed life to get in the way.  I have started going back and I am taking the kids too.  They have even gained weight because of their parent's lack of activity and eating habits. 

Today I will be making out menus and grocery shopping.  I am very excited to do this again!  I would still love to hear from those who are doing cleanses.  A great community of people is a great help!