Friday, March 4, 2011

A few days later...

How have I been doing since I ended the SPPP? I actually have done ok. That is until my husband left on his business trip.

I am physically tired taking care of everything while he is gone and I haven't done so well on my veggie intake all because of prep time and planning. I have pretty much stayed away from 'bad foods' and I still have a smoothie in the morning. My smoothies have more spinach in them than ever and they are actually green.

Anyhow, if I grab some type of fast food, I have stuck with salads and chicken. I have found my stomach 'smaller' and I can't eat as much as I used to. However, today I ate this and all of it. Yummy Cheetos. Personal bag. All gone. But, instead of having the feeling of disappointment and resigning myself to 'I ate something bad so I might as well eat ____', I am just going to proceed with my plan of a bean and kale soup and be ok to slip up. I am no longer allowing this to become a reason to forget all my hard work and eat badly for the rest of the night or weekend! I have learned it is about making choices and making more good choices than bad.

So here is me raising my water glass to good choices!


  1. I'm on day 2 of SPPP. This is the 3rd time I've done it and it gets easier every time. I loved reading your blog! Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks, Penny! I can say it has been worth it. I am now working on overcoming habits from years!

  3. I just read your blog and enjoyed it! Thanks for writing it! I'm on day 2 and can't wait to see where the journey brings me. I just wanted you to know that someone found your blog useful :)

  4. I loved all your recipes. Waiting to try them. Loved your post. I am on Day 1 and feel alright. Lets see.....

  5. I am starting the cleanse on January 15th. Have you done the cleanse again? Cheetos are hard to resist!!! I'm also going to blog my cleanse @ I'm reallllly nervous!!

    I loved reading your blog!!

    Mindy :)

  6. So glad this blog is helping you all. Minday- I am actually getting ready to start the cleanse again. I felt so great after this cleanse and I need to do it again. I will start blogging again as well and will follow along with you. Suman, How are you doing?