Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 11 Standard Process Purification

Wow, I thought I would do this blog so that a person who was considering the purification would have some personal insight or someone doing the blog might find some recipes to help them along. I am just failing this thing!

Today is my birthday. I had my smoothie for breakfast and had planned to eat some more of the Emerald City salad for lunch when a person came into my office and said they were taking me to lunch. If you are in the business world you will especially understand my next statement. I couldn't say no to this person. I tried but they have authority over me and help keep me employed so I went to lunch. I did eat a salad and it had chicken on it (yeah day 11!) but it also had some dressing poured all over it. (I thought it would be on the side) He then informs me that he is taking me back to his house because yesterday was his wife's birthday and they feed me chocolate cake with ice cream. I feel like a slug! These things keep happening! So if this blog does anything, maybe it will help someone make better plans than I did!

What I am still learning:

1. I have to continue to work on emotional eating. Life happens and I have to be prepared to not use food as a comfort.

2. Eating bad one day is not an excuse to eat bad all the time. Even if I have a day that I pig out, I don't have to spend the rest of the week eating that way!

3. And to piggyback on #2, eat healthy most of the time and those slip-ups won't matter as much. I have been asked often what I am going to do after this is over. Well, I hope to remain mostly vegetarian for lunch, I will be adding bread and meat back into my diet but I enjoy my smoothies of a morning and these salad have been good but just a little excessive :-) I FEEL better eating all the veggies and my hormones are so much better. This really has been great!

4. I have to find motivation to keep going. At this point I feel like I have had more days eating bad than good and I just need to quit the program, continue eating healthy but add some grains and stuff back in! I have to keep going and become that disciplined person again. I have 10 more days and I really want to make those the best!

Breakfast: the usual
Lunch: Salad with grilled chicken, chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream
Dinner: Lentil soup (see day 3 for recipe), Emerald City Salad (see day 8 for recipe)

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