Monday, February 28, 2011

Day 19-21 Standard Process Purification

Is it really over already? Is it FINALLY over?

Those are my two thoughts. I can't believe day 21 is here and I can't believe day 21 is finally here.

My final words on the SPPP.

Struggles: fatigue, tired of food selection, difficulty with special occasions
Success: 'feel' better, sense of accomplishment, big learning opportunity

During my prep, I listed three things I hoped to accomplish while on the SPPP: energy, overall better health and weight loss. I can say I did accomplish a bit in every category. While I experienced fatigue, I can now realize it was different from my lack of energy before the SPPP. While I took naps, especially during the last few days, I no longer lay around or move as slow as a snail because my body is working better. I also had a physical and discovered I have low blood pressure. That can be a huge contributor to my fatigue. I will be slowing adding things back into my diet and see if this has an effect on my BP.

Secondly, better health has been accomplished. I feel lighter and it isn't because of a huge amount of weight loss. My stomach doesn't feel heavy and doesn't struggle to digest. I just feel better!

Lastly, I hoped to loose some weight. Some is the key here. I have not lost any past the original 7 lbs. I am ok with that because I haven't been able to exercise and that will help me loose more.

Where to go from here? Not back the way I came :-)

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