Monday, February 14, 2011

Day 7 Standard Purification Process

Day 7

Today should be the last day for the Cleanse pills. Much to do about NOTHING! I was so worried as I started this cleanse that I would have such a hard time with 21 pills a day. NOT!!! Of course, I forgot to take them yesterday but that had nothing to do with any ill effects on me. :-) I do have a day and a half left because of forgetting. I am going to go ahead and take those pills due to my going off the planned diet.

I probably did not start this cleanse at a helpful time for me. Today is Valentine's Day. Friday is my birthday. Have you ever realized how focused we American's are on food? What are you doing for Valentine's Day? Well, we are going to dinner and then maybe a movie (popcorn!)..... What are you doing for your birthday? A big group of friends are getting together. We are going to eat and play games.... I am trying to think of a major holiday that isn't food related with family meals, picnics, candy and the list goes on. And we wonder why we are an obese nation. I have failed tonight. I have eaten two pieces of mini Hershey candy bars. Ahhhhh!!!!!!!

When I decided to do the cleanse, I knew these two events were going to hit in the middle, especially my birthday. I was ok with that. I have to learn to live healthy in all situations and learn that a holiday isn't an excuse to eat food horrible for my body. What I didn't count on were the awkward feelings I have with my family and food.

When my grandmother called me about yesterday's dinner, I didn't tell her I was doing the cleanse. While at her house yesterday, I did tell her and she thought that was just great! I could have told her I would have only veggies and fresh fruit and she would have been fine with it! Bad me!

Now, my husband has informed me that his mother is coming in to spend a night at our house and she wants to have some "good food". As our conversation continued, I realize he has told her about my program and they really want to go to the Chinese restaurant and I will be holding them back from this huge buffet. He says, "Can't you just order off of the menu." I agreed to do something if they really want to go there. His statement, "Good. I'll tell her."

**Let me stop here to add a disclaimer. My husband has been 100% supportive, doing all the lentil soup cooking and my mother-in-law is a wonderful person. If I were to "put my foot down" they would support my decision but I have issues of being a person pleaser.


Breakfast: Today's smoothie was with less fruit and added spinach. I have probably been a bit heavy with the fruit because of the taste. I have found I really like it with less fruit.

Lunch: Leftover green beans, big salad

If you are following this blog as a way how to eat, I am not sure if green beans are ok for the plan. I had them as leftovers from yesterday and while eating them realized just because they are green beans and a vegetable, they may not be allowed because they are beans. So check with your doctor.

I ate my salad today without dressing. I like the balsamic vinaigrette ok and the lemon/olive oil was good but I found I really liked this salad with nothing. I added lots of 'wet' veggies. Cucumber, tomatoes and onion all gave it great flavor with out it being dry lettuce.

Snack: 2nd half of smoothie. I did not finish it all this morning so I ate the rest for my slump time.

Brown rice pasta
roasted asparagus

Tomato Marinara

3 lbs tomatoes
1/2 cup EVOO
12 garlic cloves
2 T fresh basil

Directions: Roast in oven at 400 degrees for 40-60 minutes, stirring infrequently. This allows tomatoes to caramelize. Let cool, use blender to puree and serve.

I was SO excited about this recipe. My kids fell in love with it on Saturday night and were asking to lick the blender bowl! A definite make again and again until they tried it tonight and my daughter decided she really didn't like it. I will work on it and see if there is anything like salt that may make it more desirable.

What am I feeling:
I woke up earlier this morning than I have in a long time. I still feel the energy but I am starting to slip with my eating. Tomorrow is another day and I will stick to the plan. Mark my words. I will stick to the plan.

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