Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 9 Standard Process Purification

Warning: This post is a bit negative. If you are having a good day, you might skip it!

Day nine. Only one more day until protein. How am I feeling? Like I am losing it. In the past 24 hours I have eaten a donut...yes I am weak... and some ice cream which was 100% emotional.

When I started this blog, I knew that I would not have any followers and I was ok with that. My goal was to provide a non-doctor, daily look at the cleanse even if someone looked at it 1 year after I had done this. Right now I could really use someone to be there to say, keep going. Don't give up!

I am trying to remind myself that work today was stressful and this brain of mine will produce that little eat-inducing hormone when under stress. And, this is my normal week within my female cycle that causes me to be tired and hungry. But in truth, I am tired of vegetables. I have attempted to make different combos of salads and experiment with main dishes to keep things interesting but it comes down to the fact that I want bread and sugar stuff and chili and pancakes and...

To be honest with myself, I would have to say things started to come apart after I allowed myself to cheat for my Sunday birthday dinner. Then Valentine's came and I felt cheated and here I am four days later and ready to quit. I did not anticipate this. It is really hard to have others in the house eating everything you can't have. What am I going to do in two days, my birthday?

What is going well:
1. I still feel much better.
2. Considering my female cycle, my hormones are much more level.
3. I had lost some weight.
4. I really like my morning smoothies.
5. I really like the recipes I have found and can see keeping these after the 21 days.

Breakfast: Smoothie
Lunch: Emerald Salad (see yesterday for recipe), 1/2 cup brown rice, cut pineapple
Dinner: 1/2 cup rice pasta (I know, only supposed to have 1/2c rice a day), green beans
Snack: Small Smoothie, sweet potato chips (recipe in earlier post), Ice cream :-(

Now I am going to bed. 'Night all!


  1. I only wished I could have encouraged you!! If it's any help to you I find your blog really uplifting and makes me excited to start my cleanse.

  2. I am doing the cleanse now and am so glad to have your blog to consult! Thank you for posting it. I wish that I could have been there to encourage you somehow...