Monday, February 21, 2011

Day 14 Standard Process Purification

I am in the down swing. It is really harder to hang on to the complete, pure SPPP eating. First, I am questioning how healthy this is for long term. I am so tired! I will be adding the extra protein into my diet to see.

Secondly, I am tired of raw veggies. I went out to eat lunch with my husband and ordered a salad. It had a small piece of grilled chicken, two slices of egg and a small scoop of crumbled blue cheese. I ate it up! I was so happy to have something different to eat! I am now looking at my green, green salads and thinking, ugh, not again! A couple of new recipes are needed and a few less raw veggies. I know it says half raw but I am rawed out. I purchased portabella mushrooms and have a soup recipe that looks yummy. So look out for that to come.

This is my desk and this is my arsenal.

I have three cups I refill with water and my hot raspberry tea is a nice addition to the water. Plus it is FREEZING outside. I feel cold to the core!

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